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Can I get Remote Access to my data?

Yes, As long as you have internet access you have full access to your information and reporting.

What are the steps to signing up with your company?

We will ask you to fill out a “Startup Checklist” and have you sign a “Billing Agreement”.
Once we have that information, we can then provide you with all the necessary enrollment forms for the various Medicare, Medicaid and other Commercial Payers that require pre-enrollment.

How long will it take to be up and running?

It can be as quick as 3-4 days to setup your practice and be up and in running. Although it may take approximately 3-6 weeks to process EDI enrollments with Medicare and/or Medicaid for us to start submitting electronically.

How do we get our information over to your company for claims processing?

There are several options to receiving your information to our office. 1) Scan your work and submit through our Secured Website 2) Fax to our Fax Server 3) Mail through USPS 4) Courier service Fedex and/or local courier

Can our patients call your billing office for questions on their patient statements?

Yes, we can provide them a Toll-Free number to contact our customer service department to answer their billing questions.

Do you send out patient statements?

Yes, we will send out up to three patient statements per date of service. We will try to collect from the patient after the three attempts. If no response, we can send to collections per your discretion.

How quickly do you submit claims?

Once we receive a completed superbill/encounter form, the claims will be submitted within 48-72 hours. The following are the steps:

  • Scanned – Stored in our secured server.

  • Batched – Batch information is recorded and tracked.

  • Distributed – Each batch is assigned to a claims processor.

  • Input – Claims processor inputs into our Practice Management System.

  • QC – Quality Control department reviews prior to submitting claims.

  • Electronic Submission – Claims are submitted electronically to the insurance payers.

  • Can you work on our old Accounts Receivables(Aging) while we are transitioning to your company?

    Yes, we have a follow up department that can follow up on old aging accounts.

    Can you help us with Credentializing and/or Medicare Provider Enrollment?

    Yes, we can assist you with credentializing and with provider enrollment.

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