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Many practitioners are reluctant to let a third party assume responsibility for their medical billing. They think they will lose control over their receivables. The truth is most practitioners have already lost control. With the bureaucratic intricacies of co-pays, disallowance's, charge backs, deductibles, insurance company holdbacks and duplicate payments, who really has control?



Medical billing companies are more familiar with coding than the practitioner's own Provacyl billing department. They are cognizant of the latest trends in coding, while relying on office staff to be well versed in the latest coding techniques is unrealistic, naive, and can adversely affect profit.
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7 Questions to see if $ is leaking out of your office

1. Are my ICD-9 Codes updated for this current year?
2. What am I doing with my denied claims?
3. Is my office taking advantage of electronic billing?
4. Am I familiar enough with my contracts?
5. Are we including any attachments with our claims?
6. Do I have contracts with insurance carriers that have longer periods than what is mandated in my state's Prompt Pay Law?
7. Have you anayze your office's procedures when charging patients?
Review these 7 areas closely, and you'll find that you've not only plugged up your money leaks, but most importantly, increased your income without having to drastically cut your costs.

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